SOUTHERN STAR -Halfway around the world. 
Her slow journey back ???

York River and FLIBS

York River and FLIBS photos By Jenny We finally left Washburns and had a lovely run down past the Potomac, and into a lovely anchorage at Fishing Bay on the Piankatank River, just north of Mobjack Bay. As we had our sundowners, we saw N55 April K on AIS, and watched as they anchored a little way from us in the fading light. Paul hailed us on VHF and we chatted for a while. They were heading offshore from Norfolk, and had left by the time we got up the following morning. We continued the next ...
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Summer of upgrades

The summer of upgrades Summer of upgrades photos As usual, we planned to spend the summer north of North Carolina for hurricane season. We decided that going all the way to Nova Scotia was simply too far a trek for us after doing so last year. We are proud of our 10,000 mile pendant from Nordhavn, but are looking forward to not moving at such a fast pace as last year. After our stop at York River Yacht Haven, we moved on to Herrington Harbour North to spend a month there. We have learned that...
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York River to Herrington Harbour North

York River to Herrington Harbour -Jenny Herrington Harbour photos Ted had scheduled a trip in July to see his family in Oklahoma while we were at York River, and he left from Richmond Airport a few days after we arrived. I was still down with pneumonia, but had visited a clinic and got some strong meds to sort me out. So the week Ted was away, I was either on the couch in the air-conditioning, or by the pool under an umbrella. I was so unwell I could only just get into the pool and sit for a w...
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Back to York River

Back to York River Photos We were anchored in behind Cape Lookout, NC after arriving, early in the morning after a pleasant overnight passage from Bald Head Island, NC.  The anchorage was calm and scenic. There were a fair number of boats anchored, but not too crowded considering it was 4th of July week end. We woke early the next morning to start the long passage along the inside of NC, up the ICW. The weather would not allow us to make the trip to Norfolk outside along Cape Hatteras. The wi...
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How not to anchor.

Carnage in Big Majors, Bahamas

Carnage in Big Majors photos We had a rough night at Little Bay, Guana Island. We were anchored with our friends on KYA, Bella Jane, and Manatee. They had been anchored at Little Bay for several days, and were going to stay one more night before heading over to us at Big Majors, about 10 miles north. We wanted to catch up with everyone, so we went over to Little Bay to join the gang. We had a nice time on KYA, but that night the southerly winds picked up and made the anchorage very rollie. We...
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Cruising. Repairing boats in exotic places

“Cruising is repairing boats in exotic places.” Underway across the banks, heading north, we are on plan C.  We left Georgetown yesterday early and travelled 68 miles to Big Majors Cay, just off Staniel Cay. The weather promised to be kind to us, after 3 days of lashing us in Georgetown. Seems that the weather really is not really improving, despite being in the Bahamas later this year, but it is what it is. Ethan and Penny left on to the next leg of their 2 year OE. They seemed to have enjoye...
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Southern Star in North Palm Beach
Southern Star in North Palm Beach

Where are we now?

Stopped at Morehead City Marina- waiting for weather.
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Southern Star in Bahamas
over under shot Southern Star in Bahamas
Southern Star fashion