SOUTHERN STAR -Halfway around the world. 
Her slow journey back ???
How not to anchor.

Carnage in Big Majors, Bahamas

Carnage in Big Majors photos We had a rough night at Little Bay, Guana Island. We were anchored with our friends on KYA, Bella Jane, and Manatee. They had been anchored at Little Bay for several days, and were going to stay one more night before heading over to us at Big Majors, about 10 miles north. We wanted to catch up with everyone, so we went over to Little Bay to join the gang. We had a nice time on KYA, but that night the southerly winds picked up and made the anchorage very rollie. We...
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Cruising. Repairing boats in exotic places

“Cruising is repairing boats in exotic places.” Underway across the banks, heading north, we are on plan C.  We left Georgetown yesterday early and travelled 68 miles to Big Majors Cay, just off Staniel Cay. The weather promised to be kind to us, after 3 days of lashing us in Georgetown. Seems that the weather really is not really improving, despite being in the Bahamas later this year, but it is what it is. Ethan and Penny left on to the next leg of their 2 year OE. They seemed to have enjoye...
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Once in a lifetime

?Kiwis in the Bahamas??? Jenny’s nephew, Ethan, and his fiancé, Penny joined us in Georgetown, from New Zealand. We met them at Emerald Bay Marina. We waited in the marina for a couple of days, waiting for some strong NE winds to blow through. The marina has a horrible surge in these conditions, and Southern Star tugged on her dock lines constantly. We walked all over and to Steventon Village about 2 ½ miles each way. We sat at the beach bar and gazed at the incredible turquoise water colours ...
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Crossing the banks to Chub Cay

Back to the Bahamas

Bahamas photos Florida to Bahamas – 3rd time Jenny writes: It was a great feeling to release the lines at Marathon and make our way out the channel just after 3pm on Saturday afternoon. We had cleared out with US Customs and Border Patrol the previous day, giving us 48 hours to be out of US waters. My 6 month US visa was due to expire the following week, which aligned with the end of our month at the marina, and amazingly a decent weather window. The ocean was flat with little wind as we made...
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Life in the Keys

Life in the Keys photos Marathon life After a week in OPC we left Palm Beach at 0815 and stayed close to the shoreline, never more than 5-6 miles offshore. We passed Ft Lauderdale that afternoon and Miami just as it got dark. We moved a bit further offshore and paralleled the Florida Coast. We arrived in Marathon Florida about 28 hours later. We tucked into the small and very friendly marina on 31 Jan. We had a hiccup with the power supply at the dock. We plugged into the forward shore power...
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Brunswick to South Florida

Onward to Florida Auto Pilot and provisioning. We finally got unstuck from Velcro marina, and departed Brunswick about 1230 pm on Tuesday 15th Jan. We had 240 miles to go, and went offshore the entire route. The trip was good. We had the winds behind us, with 4-6 seas. The backup auto pilot worked okay. It did meander a bit in the larger following seas, but we did not need to hand steer. The trip was pretty routine, except that we planned to arrive in Stuart about mid-day, failing to think tha...
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2010dssmith 7/6/2019


Would you be able to share the fuel consumption rates when you are underway?

Thank you,


---Reply posted by Dixon, Ted on 7/6/2019

Hi Scott.

Nordhavns are well known to be fuel frugal. Our main engine at cruising speed of 6 1/2 knots, burns 3 gallons per hour.

Which means a fuel burn of app 1/2 gallon per mile.I know the generator adds to the rate at about 1/2 gph but figuring 3gph seems to be good overall when we do our fuel v distance when we refill..


dixonjacquelyn 6/2/2019

This is amazing, Ted! 

Southern Star in North Palm Beach
Southern Star in North Palm Beach

Where are we now?

North Carolina, northbound
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Southern Star in Bahamas
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